Technology Drives Us To Connect The Dots With Precision

Entigence sources, connects, transforms, and delivers the insights you expect. We are passionate about aligning you with the stories in your data; the ones that help you sustain your competitive edge.  With expertise in leading ERPs, we understand your needs, we speak your language, and we have the experience to help you succeed.

A Quick Introduction

Stemming from “enterprise” and “intelligence”, Entigence is synonymous with smart solutions that move you from "fragile" to "responsive" for data-driven analysis. Our business-focused advisors and technologists are dedicated to your success.

Our Clients

We serve public sector, higher education, and banking clients. CxOs engage us for our advisory and implementation services related to data management initiatives. Provosts engage us for our SaaS product for faculty management.  From strategy to implementation, our collaterals and solutions add immediate value.

Where We are Headed

We are ready to help you with the next generation of analytics based on advanced statistics, machine learning, and data science. In collaboration with a major university, our teams are leading innovative certification programs.  You are headed toward innovation and so are we.

Listed in Inc. 5000's "Fastest Growing Private Companies" and ranked by  CIOReview as a "Top 20 Most Promising Education Tech Service Provider"

Kickstart Your Analytics Journey

Our advisory teams will guide you on the strategic use of data, sustainable solutions, and risk mitigation for analytics on ERPs such as Workday

We live, breathe, and understand data. Our experience with Workday reporting and analytics for PeopleSoft and Oracle is relevant and extensive. Our approach of aligning analytics with processes and decision-making objectives delivers a valuable set of metrics and solutions to serve you long after our engagement ends.  With nearly two decades of experience, we bring you the resources, know-how, and experience for leveraging your data for insights.


Competing priorities make it hard to chose where to go next.  Your users are impatient and demanding more.


We provide fit-gap analyses, align leadership on your data journey, deliver recommendations for organizational change, technology stack, implementation strategies, support models, and risk management - collaterals that set your direction.


Your analytics is only as good as the quality of your data. You may not quite be where you need to be.


If your governance journey has taken you through changing strategies, you may have data of differing quality. Avoid inventing the wheel and use our artifacts for policies, procedures and collaterals to turbo-charge your efforts towards consistency, integrity, and appropriate use.


Managing your business is not easy. Your data is complex and your decision needs are constantly changing.


If it is difficult  to answer complex questions,  let our frameworks and assessment methodologies guide you into a future where answering these questions comes naturally and becomes routine.


We have the experience to help you deploy your platform on premise or on the cloud. We assist our clients with selection of the tech stack, scaling, and virtual asset management.



We provide support for budget and resource planning, creation of business case for approval of large-scale analytics programs, and guidance on risks, costs, and benefits of your investments.


Our teams understand that successful initiatives anticipate and manage risk in a timely manner. We help you discover fragile areas and provide means to avoid or mitigate risks proactively.

SNAX Framework for Analytics

Make Your Data Speak To You

Your ERPs have so much data but is it difficult to get to it?  Do you need Workday reporting? Are you are challenged by the inability to easily correlate the underlying objects and tables?  Use our analytical framework - called SNAX - to organize your data into relevant models, metrics, and visualizations. 


SNAX enhances your ability to understand what your data is telling you with:​

  • High-valued analytical models for reporting/analytics on ERPs such as Workday, Oracle, and Peoplesoft

  • Over 400 metrics for finance, HCM, student, grants, and facilities management systems

  • Actionable insights relevant to you

  • Quick deployment


A Comprehensive Faculty Management Solution

Taxonomy for Faculty Accomplishments, Workflow-Based Annual Reporting, P&T Sabbatical and Contract Management Processes, Insights for Strategic Planning, Support for Accreditation Reporting

An Exhaustive Database of your Faculty’s Accomplishments


Lyterati is an easily configurable and visually appealing app that hosts the details of your faculty’s accomplishments in the areas of research, teaching, and service.  With an intuitive cloud-hosted interface, Lyterati eliminates your IT management burdens.


Highly configurable and feature-rich platform with the ability to attach documents, source from external databases, and explore your data with a point-and-click interface.


Dossier-based processes with document management. Ability to integrate committees and external reviews within the context of authorization-rules. Built-in workflow to route dossier from start to finish.


Built-in analytics for Chairs, Deans, Provosts, and other central offices, secured by university-driven authorization rules. Exploration and analytics with unstructured data technology.



Template-driven CV reports that present content to the Faculty members with an ability to download data. Add data once, use it multiple times for personal and administrative purposes.


Configurable annual reports with support for taxonomy and narrative responses. Multi-level and flexible workflows with the ability to comment on reports and route them to completion.  


Dynamic web profiles built using big data technologies to replace static websites. Benefit from unprecedented exploration of data with links to resources on the internet.


Our clients are world-class research institutions with storied histories and renowned alumni

"Entigence's work at our University has benefitted the central finance office and the wider university community in positive ways.  Their analytics deliverables have helped us promote consistency and flexibility in the exploration and use of financial data for strategic and operational purposes."

Vice President, Financial Accounting and Systems

"Entigence's work at our University has benefitted the central finance office and the wider university community in positive ways.  Their analytics deliverables have helped us promote consistency and flexibility in the exploration and use of financial data for strategic and operational purposes."

Director, Financial Technologies

"...relieved to have Entigence's wisdom, experience, and guidance on this critical project."

Asst. Dean, School of Medicine




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